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THE MAY 2011  



By Carlton Hendricks


16 pages - 16,521 words - 33 photo pages

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Harvard Square and  University grounds

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Leavitt & Peirce 

Tobacco Shop

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Basketball Hall of
Fame, Springfield MA

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Harvard University Sports Trophies at Murr Center

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Yale Univ. Trophy Room
at Payne Whitney Gym

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Museum of 
Fine Arts Boston




Found at Brimfield Acres North on Tuesday

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The Brimfield Acres North field was better. Right as I got in I found a piece that was right on the bubble....I couldn't decide if I wanted it or not. It was a large 1880ish baseball bat about 40" which appeared to have been an advertising display that would have hung from the ceiling in a sporting goods or hardware store...It was so close to being something great...If it would have just had some message in gold leaf lettering to positively I.D. it as an advertising piece, or maybe if it had been a little larger. Of course if it would have had gold lettering it would have been priced somewhere between $5,000.00 and $50,000.00 instead of the $575.00 or so he was PICT0408_900x1200.jpg (207468 bytes)asking. As it stood it had a great early 19th century patina. It had two holes on one side for mounting hooks or what ever, that basically proved it had hung from a ceiling. But without a message of some kind I had to envision how it would look hanging from the ceiling in my collection...would it come thru, would it look dynamite with lots of character?....As I recall the dealer was originally asking $675.00 and came down to about $575.00....After some low balls and a lot of himming and hawing I think I finally offered $475 and he wouldn't budge so I walked. 


Later that afternoon I happened to bump into Ed Turner on right and Dan Hauser on left with bat, who are co-authors along with John Gennantonio of the book "Antique Sports Uniforms and Equipment - Baseball Football Basketball". cover.jpg (95429 bytes) Although I've featured their book on my site I'd never met them in person. I had no idea who they were when I struck up a conversation with Ed at a booth because he had a vintage tennis racquet sticking out of his knapsack and we ended up introducing ourselves....So while we were all talking, Dan disappeared as Ed and I chatted....The next thing I knew Dan reappeared with "The Bat"....Turned out Dan, like me had been considering it and went back and pulled the trigger. Congratulations Dan, good call! It was a pleasure to finally meet them both in person.



A few sports antiques seen in Brimfield Acres North field
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 Porcelain football boy 

by Huebach

1917 12" tall Copper 

baseball trophy $1,800.00

 Very rare porcelain baseball player by 

Shaffer Vader



I saw a very nice 1917 copper baseball trophy with crossed bats on the front. Great size and condition priced at $1,800.00. Which was sort of top dollar but worth it...It just wasn't in the gotta have it level for me at that price. The one oasis at Brimfield Acres North was the booth of Doug McElwain's of Sport and Spool Antiques...Doug had the bestPICT0370_1200x900.jpg (198410 bytes) booth I saw all week. His booth alwaysPICT0371_900x1200.jpg (159050 bytes) looks like a Polo Ralph Lauren store. I didn't find anything that hit the gotta have it level, but there was a heavy crew neck college sweater with NYU on the chest that caught my eye...I think Doug was asking like $375.00 without the arm wrestling. I was so fatigued from walking all day my brain was fuzzy and I passed and left still thinking about it....I called my buddy John Gennantonio since I owed him a show report anyway...I asked his opinion and he advised I get it...So I headed back to get it and ran into Doug walking toward me...I sold the sweater Doug said, even before I mentioned it...Oh great I said...ARGH!!....Doug said someone affiliated with J.Crew had bought it...As a prop no doubt.


c1910 35" x 24" Oil on Canvass Original Magazine Illustration 

Found at Brimfield Acres North on Tuesday

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Another piece that had my attention at Brimfield Acres North was something I start laughing about when I think about it....A c1910 35" x 24" ping pong painting....yes you heard me, ping pong....I know....but it was very cool..It was a scene of sophisticates in formal wear watching a ping pong game....talk about different...maybe I should have pulled the trigger, it was that good. I'm pretty sure it was an illustration for a magazine at the turn of the century and I seriously doubt there's another on the planet. Priced firm at $500.00. 




The three main markets for Wednesday were New England Motel at 6AM, Heart of the Mart at 9AM, Hertan's at Noon. I ran into John Orban at Brimfield Acres North on Tuesday and he graciously offered to let me buy a dealer's helper badge for $50.00 to the Heart of the Mart field where he was setting up the next day Wednesday. Which opened to the public at 9:00AM...which of course meant I could get in before the hoards. As bad as things had been I figured I could use the advantage and handed him the fifty. Unfortunately I still didn't find a thing. Somehow I guess from getting the early pass to Heart of the Mart I completely forgot about the New England Motel field Wednesday morning and missed it...Had I been together I could have hit New England at 6:00AM for an hour or so and still got into Heart of the Mart early...But I guess my brain batteries were run down from all those incredible finds Tuesday!


So thanks to Brimfield Acres North, Tuesday turned out OK. It was fun I saw some, at least interesting, stuff....So Tuesday morning bad....Tuesday afternoon not too bad...Wednesday back to bad again...The whole day was a big huge zero...I put in a lot of leg power and got nothing for it but exhausted







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