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Visits The Top Bottle Show in The Country

The National Convention of the




  - EXPO 2012 - 


  July 27-29th 2012, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno NV.  


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Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

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Carlton's road trip to the 




....For me, learning about bottles has been a slow learn a little here and there....and there are about a zillion different types. From my perspective as a go to a bottle show...there's all these bottles...some are marked $1,500.00 some $35.00...and sometimes I like the $35.00 one better!!......


July 31, 2012 - The National Convention of the Federation Of Historical Bottle Collectors was held this last weekend at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno Nevada July 27th-29th. I made the three hour drive there from the S.F. bay area arriving Friday...


It was $70.00 for early entry on Friday. But then when I went to pay it was like $50 if you were a member of FOHBC and $30.00 to join = total $80.00 so I joined for the extra $10.00. So I am now a FOHBC member!!

The show was pretty darn good. ..Naturally as a collector of sports display antiques I was looking for overflow items beyond just bottles....tins, signs, etc....and it was there. I didn't find too much for sports but I did get a 1963 Dodgers vs Yankees World Series banner and a 7 1/4" tall c1870 Jockey Club Root Beer bottle which can be seen farther down this page. 


I saw a quite a few of bay area faces around the show, and even some Los Angeles ones....As you make your way around the floor you can't help but notice a lot of camaraderie going on among collectors who typically only get to see each other at such gatherings. 


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c1880 Pocket Whiskey Bottle $225.00

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c1880 Bisque Cast Promotional Novelty Whiskey bottles

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c1880 Bisque Cast 

Boxing Glove 

Whiskey Bottle, $40.00


I himmed and hawed over the two items above....a c1880 poker themed whiskey bottle I think was marketed to the military as there was a large U.S. embossed on the back priced $225.00....but money was tight and I left without would have just been an eBay spec piece. the boxing glove was cool for $40.00..about 4" tall bisque cast whiskey bottle...but just didn't have the eye appeal and I left it...would have been nice but just another knick knack really... 

The show was held in a huge "ball room" sized banquet hall. You couldn't have asked for a nicer place to have it. It was all nicely carpeted and the great air conditioning kept it nice and cool.


Nine antique bottle museum displays by FOHBC members

Located in special roped off area at front of room

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At the front of the room was a roped off area where the FOHBC arranged for collectors to display prize bottles from their collections. There were nine individual displays of various genres of antique bottles. 


The crown 

jewels of 



PICT4620_1200x900.jpg (172371 bytes) FOHBC members fill centerpiece display with their best

PICT4616_900x1200.jpg (144875 bytes)

Left side

PICT4618_900x1200.jpg (138028 bytes)


PICT4619_900x1200.jpg (134865 bytes)

Right side


RussellUmbraco.jpg (328948 bytes)Within the nine museum displays there was a special three sided white cabinet about seven feet tall. Russell Umbracco, who I was very pleased to fineally meet, told me as much that the bottles in the white cabinet were the Crem De La'Crem examples with many in the $10,000.00 range. That got my attention and I made it a point to get back over there take another look. The problem I had with them was there were no description cards to elaborate on them. That is what product they were for, where they were from, etc. and generally what made them so rare and valuable. 


For me, learning about bottles has been a slow learn a little here and there....and there are about a zillion different types. From my perspective as a go to a bottle show...there's all these bottles...some are marked $1,500.00 some $35.00...and sometimes I like the $35.00 one better!! Bottles are like go to a horse race for the first time as a spectator...It's a little interesting....then you actually put money on a horse...then it becomes extremely interesting and you start noticing every little thing...Same with bottles...looking at them is interesting but once you buy one you start researching the heck out of it and learn all about it..


The best way to learn about bottles is in person, as opposed to on line. Holding, feeling, and seeing them in person at a show is a much richer experience...However you can still learn a lot on line. If you want to read bottle discussions galore on many different types of bottles I recommend . It only takes a few minutes to join and it's free. And put your feelers out for upcoming bottle shows in your area.


I have posted over two hundred photos of the FOHBC Reno show on four pages...see below. Enjoy! -Carlton


View's from Carlton's 19th floor room Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
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Carlton's two pick ups at the show

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c1870,,,7 1/4" tall

PICT4482_900x1200.jpg (153783 bytes)

PICT4483_1200x900.jpg (190421 bytes)

As found on sellers table at show

PICT4664_900x1200 modified.jpg (248556 bytes)

Cloth banner, 25 1/2" tall x 17" wide

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As found in dealers booth at show

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